To the future and back

Lovestory 2050

Genre: Romantic/Sci-fi

Cast: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and Archana Puran Singh

Director: Harry Baweja

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Harry Baweja has done his best to give a star launch for his son, Harman. Lovestory 2050 has a nice story with the age-old famous scientific concept of time travel. He has also managed to depict the future Mumbai with all the gizmos, weird hairstyles and clothing of people with excellent special effects. But the sad part is that the one for whom all this has been done is a major let down.

Half-an-hour into the movie and you see what all Harman Baweja can do — he can jump over fences, climb buildings, dance with a flair and yes he can deliver all his dialogues in one single tone without bringing any emotions to his face. The whole movie revolves around Harman’s character, but sorry he can’t act.

Karan Malhotra (Harman Baweja), son of a very rich businessman meets Sana (Priyanka Chopra) a simple, loveable girl who loves poetry and romantic plays in Adelaide. After much persuasion Karan manages to win her heart. Sana lives in the same city as Karan’s scientist uncle Dr Yatinder Khanna (Boman Irani), who is building a time machine. Sana and Karan accidentally enter Dr Khanna’s lab and she gets curious about the time machine. So they try out the machine and when asked where she wants to go Sana types ‘Mumbai 2050’, however the machine doesn’t work. That very evening a tragedy befalls which shatters Karan’s life. To take his nephew out from the state of distress, Dr Khanna — who has finally found the right formula for the time machine — suggests using the machine to go back in time and undo the tragedy. But the time machine’s system is stuck in the time that Sana has typed. So taking it as a sign they decide to go to the future to make things right. They have just 30 days for their mission, so the story moves forward as Karan tries to accomplish his plan.

The first half of the movie has the same old guy meets girl story. All the futuristic elements like paanwala’s robotic assistant and sky taxis make the second half a bit interesting. But there is no soul in the movie due to the lack of acting and the screenplay isn’t that refreshing. Harman is not convincing and there is no chemistry between the lead pair. Priyanka tends to get a bit irritating as this sweet and innocent girl. Archana Puran Singh brings the much-needed vibrancy to the movie with her comedy while Boman provides some laughable moments.

The music is average, one tends to remember the visualisation more. Cinematographer duo Vijay Arora and Kiran Deohans and art director Omung Kumar have done a splendid job. The movie belongs to them for the futuristic sets and special effects that leave

a lasting impression on

the audience.