Tom Hanks enlists for WWII documentary

NEW YORK: Tom Hanks has tapped into his knowledge of World War II to executive produce a new documentary, "Beyond All Boundaries," which will screen daily in the National WWII Museum in New Orleans beginning November 9.

The museum is currently undergoing a renovation and will see the opening this year of three major new destination attractions, representatives announced here Wednesday. One of them is the Victory Theater, which will be presenting "Beyond All Boundaries," described by museum reps as a "groundbreaking 4-D cinematic experience."

"This film uses a whole world of technologies, including an incredible sound system, multilayered projection, high definition, moving sets, 3-D features and more spectacular theatrical effects," said Phil Hettema, creative director of "Beyond All Boundaries."

Hanks -- the star of "Saving Private Ryan" and an executive producer of the war-themed miniseries "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" -- was involved throughout the process, said Hettema.

"He has a very deep knowledge of World War II. He knows more than some of those who work at the museum," the creative director said. "He's been excitedly and graciously involved, and has an important honorary role in the making of this film."