Touring aches & pains cripple Madonna

NEW YORK: Madonna has to sit in an ice bath for 10 minutes after every concert and undergo acupuncture therapy to relieve her aches and pains on the road.

The 51-year-old pop superstar admits age and years of abuse on her body have caught up with her and now she has to take extra care to make sure she's always in tip-top form onstage.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine the first few minutes in the ice bath is always painful, but "it feels so good afterwards". And her pre and post-gig regime now includes a lot of tender loving care.

The Like A Virgin hitmaker adds, "My ankles get taped before the shows, and I have treatments and physical therapists. It's from years and years of abuse, dancing in high heels, which is not great on your knees.

"All dancers have injuries, but we just deal with them. We get acupuncture and therapy, and just keep going."