Travel memoirs


Desh Bidesh

Author: Dr Ram dayal Rakesh

Publisher: Bidhyarthi

Pustak Bhandar

Pages: 131

Price: Rs 100

Dr Ram Dayal Rakesh has penned his third travelogue Desh Bidesh in which he shares his travel experiences across different places in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Dhaka and Singapore.

The book, unlike his earlier travelogues, gives us vivid pictures of the cities of Nepal and the cities of South Asian regions, their differences and likeliness.

“I have tried to pen down the famous but not very well known places of historical and cultural importance in Tarai region of Nepal,” writes the author. Tarai has many cultural and historical places like Barahathawa and Murtiya that need to be highlighted and preserved.

Desh Bidesh includes 17 memoirs of the author’s visit across Nepal and 15 memoirs of visits in different South Asian countries — mostly Indian cities — and Singapore, Bangkok, Dhaka at different times on different occasions.

Being an ardent culture-lover, he is successful in presenting the cultural background - of almost all the places he has visited - and the readers can benefit from his experience.