Treasure house of talent


A sexy salsa number, a powerful speech on women’s real empowerment, an engaging drum solo, a daring martial arts demonstration... this almost sums up the Real Natural Talent

Show that was held as part of the Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2007 at the Russian Cultural Centre on March 21. Though the contestants missed a few beats here and there, lost a footing or a note, it was no doubt an entertaining afternoon.

One saw the birth of a number of orators with four out of 19 contestants expounding on serious issues like education and women empowerment, exodus of youth to foreign lands for work, orphans and poverty. A few also recited poetry penned by them. Shweta Shah’s lines on a woman’s search for identity (Astitva ko janani, Astitva ko khojima) earned her a huge round of applause.

The masks of poets and orators were not the only ones that the talented 19 donned for the afternoon.

Manavi Dhakal was captivating as Mary Magdalene with her expressive monologue (which was albeit a bit too loud), and Sitashma Chand managed to inject a soulful strain to the “romantically tragic” number Leaving on a jet plane. Bibha Prajapati displayed her percussion skills as she rumbled ahead with her drums. Though she missed a beat or two, her efforts were well received, as was Rashmi KC’s who fumbled during her yoga aasans.

Talking to this daily, former Miss Nepal (2002) Malvika Subba and also the winner of the Miss Talent title said, “This is a very crucial part of the pageant where the girls get to face the audience for the first time. This is their first performance on stage and it is obvious that they will be a bit nervous.”

The one item that stole the show was Bandana Sharma’s rivetting Salsa performance. She followed her partner’s every lead and held the audience’s attention with her graceful movements.

The panel of judges included president of Kathmandu JCI Suman Shrestha, dance director of Nepal Academy Sri Hari Shrestha, fashion designer Anju Khadka, musician Nyu Bajracharya, and Prakash Sayami.

Real Natural Miss Talent will be declared on April 7, the day on which Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2007 will be crowned.