Triangular view

KATHMANDU: A group exhibition by three artists from Bangladesh titled ‘Triangle’ presents three different perspectives and expressions of the featured artists. The exhibition, which opened on March 8 at Imago- Dei Café Gallery, feature creations by Syed Zahid Iqbal, Mustafa Jamil Akbar (Shamim) and Fahamida Akther Kakoli.

Shamim’s creations are devoted to rickshaws and the artist strongly believes that this three-wheeler is not just another mode of transportation but also a symbol of Dhaka’s identity. In terms of colour, his preference is more towards the darker shade and he has used black outlines to sk-etch his rickshaws. His pai-ntings have a variety of media like acrylic colours and brick dust among others.

Texture is something that is in abundance in Iqbal’s creations for he doesn’t stick to just paints but uses soil, tar and varnish. His pieces, which represent his perception of nature, don a dark and rusty look. He added, “Nature inspired me and with these creations I am trying to relay how nature is being avoided by people thus leading to its deterioration.”

While Kakoli exhibits a bright canvas which according to her depict her present state of mind. “I have titled my collection ‘New Door’ because right now I am very happy,” she said. Further her collection also shows her recent acquaintance with the wildlife of her country. Figurative sketches of humans on a canvas filled with splashes of bright colours — that’s how her canvas looks like.

The exhibition is on till March 18.