Trouble brewing between Brangelina?

HOLLYWOOD: It has been three months since the two were pictured together, and when they arrived at the premiere of Pitt's movie Inglourious Basterds on May 20, there was a lot of awkwardness between them.

"Brad and Angelina have certainly had happier times. They used to do everything together but these days they barely see each other," the Sun quoted a source close to the couple as saying.

"Both of them are exhausted. They have to juggle the demands of parenthood with their busy careers.

"Angie has a temper but she's at her worst when she's tired or stressed," the source said.

Body language expert Robert Phipps was asked for his opinion on the couple's pictures taken at the festival.

"I am convinced they are not happy," he said.

"In most of the snaps Brad is not really smiling and Angelina is only smiling in a few.

"We hardly see teeth in these smiles, which means they are not genuinely feeling comfortable. They both seem to be staging their appearance for the camera, especially Angelina, who does not look natural at all.

"They seem a little anxious, almost possessive of each other, but never at the same time.

"They take it in turns to hold one another and never look completely on the same level, which suggests distance and mis-communication.

"Brad also has his hand in his pocket in most of the shots, which means he's not totally on board with the red-carpet night.

"The whole show suggests they are uncomfortable, with things on their mind, but this could be a by-product of the event itself," he added.