UK PM’s wife calls Paris smart

LONDON: Paris Hilton may have famously confused British prime minister Go-rdon Brown with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, but Sarah Bro-wn is all praise for Paris whom she called “smart and caring”.

The British prime minister’s wife had met the hotel heiress at the First Ladies of Africa Health Summit Gala and was so impressed by Hilton’s grey matter that she went on to praise her on Facebook, reported Daily Mail Online. “Loved Paris Hilton who I met last week in LA for the first time. Nothing about her public image prepares you for the first meeting. She’s a smart, caring, considerate person,” wrote Brown on her Facebook page.

Hilton returned the adulation with a post on her Twitter page calling Brown “an inspirational woman”. “Just had an amazing conversation with Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s wife. She is such a smart, beautiful, inspirational woman,” read Hilton’s post on Twitter.