Understanding Kareena

NEW DELHI: It seems Kareena Kapoor has begun to understand Saif Ali Khan better, especially where his children are concerned.

Though the two are practically living together, she is aware of the fact that children need to spend quality time with their dad.

Now, when the children Sara and Ibrahim come over for a weekly visit, she quietly moves out from his apartment to her own in Khar to give them the space they need.

Khan’s children are almost teenagers and the time they spend with their father is valuable to them. It’s a beautiful, unspoken arrangement — a sign of understanding and maturity that they have attained.

When they had just started going out, Kapoor would hang around for a while, but now she leaves daddy and the children to do their own thing. The minimal interaction makes sure that there is no room for any potential friction. It works for everyone, and is a sign that the relationship grows stronger everyday.