Untalented Goody

LONDON: Late British reality TV star Jade Goody would have been the first to admit she had no talent, her friend and publicist Max Clifford has said.

Clifford also insisted he did not profit from her death and even paid her medical bills, reports The Mirror online. “Jade would be the first to tell you she had no talent. She was just herself,” he said speaking to London College of Communication students.

On being asked if profiting from Goody’s death made him feel guilty, he replied, “I did not profit from Jade’s death. I did pay her medical bills when the NHS (National Health Service, England) let her down... I paid for her to see my doctor. I did make a lot of money for her children, from which I did not take a penny. Do I feel guilty about that? Not at all, I’m very proud actually,” he added.