US degree: Not a distant dream


Getting an American degree, a distant dream for many, might just come true for you with the General Education Development (GED). The GED is an American educational course designed to help students obtain a high school diploma. The diploma will be issued from the state of Main, US. It is now available in Nepal and has been approved as 10+2 equivalent by the Higher Secondary Educational Board of Nepal.

The course consists of five major subjects — Maths, Science, English Language Arts Reading, English Language Arts Writing and Social Studies. An in-depth study of these subjects will be done with each subject consisting of many subcomponents necessary to pass the GED test.

The GED is an open educational course so there are no restrictions to the time limit one requires before taking the tests. The goal is simply to pass the tests. It would be an advantage if you have completed your SLC examinations, but what they emphasise on is sufficient knowledge about one’s subject matter to

pass the test. Anyone who is 17-years or above qualifies for this course.

The tests are conducted in all the 50 states of the US and all 12 provinces in Canada. Thomson-Prometric administers the GED testing service in almost 65 countries all over the world ensuring that the examinees get a secure and neutral testing environment while giving their exams. Currently it is providing testing services in Nepal in collaboration with the United States Educational Foundation at the Full Bright Commission in Kathmandu.

The testing service is managed by The American Council on Education and all GED tests are developed by them. The tests are designed in collaboration with academic content specialists from the US and Canada and are aligned with generally established benchmarks. Almost 97 per cent of colleges and universities accept GED credentials as equivalent to a high school diploma in the west or 10+2 in Nepal.

Some advantages of GED are —

• Receiving a +2 equivalent diploma from the state of Maine, US, which will greatly improve your chances of getting a student visa to the US, Canada, Australia, or UK.

• It saves considerable amount of time as you can complete it within 1-2 years.

• Once passed, you may continue with your higher educational studies.

• Much of your studying may be completed at home. However, it is recommended you choose a good school with competent teachers to accelerate you through your training as the tests are quite challenging.

• You don’t need to complete SLC or any other grade to be able to take the GED exam, but it is preferred.

• It is a fun educational course.

The classes will be conducted by R. Com. International, Tinkune. For those interested, admissions are open and classes will begin in mid-June.