Use your imagination to recycle


We’ve always heard that it is better to reuse or recycle than throw things away or get new ones when really usable and even beautiful things can be made from our leftovers or seemingly usuable things.

It is very simple find some other way in which you can use them. All you need to do is to think out of the box sometimes or just use your imagination at the most. This will not only help you recycle stuffs, but will also give you a chance to show your skills like stitching or painting. Further, it can also be used as a part of your hobby.

Have you thought of painting empty bottles to turn them into beautiful decorative vases, or using small tubs or teapots (that have hairline cracks) as a plant pots? The best part of such recycling is that you might be able to use stuff that are no longer suitable for its original purpose.

So you won’t have to get rid of your favourite china pot, you can use it as a beautiful vase for your flower arrangement.

Paper remodelling

The recycling process is not just limited to homes as there are ways in which office clutter can be used in more creative ways. Papers (of different kinds) contribute maximum to office clutter, and yes the easiest and most common way to reuse paper is either print on both sides or use the side that is not printed upon to jot down your notes or messages ‘while you were out’.

But then what do you do about those brochures or posters or old greeting cards or calendars?

The easiest thing that you can do is make boxes out of these almost useless stationery like we have done it in our office. The best thing about such boxes is that they are custom-made, which means they can be of any size as per your need.

You can use such boxes to store knick-knacks like paper clips, erasers, keys to your locker, visiting cards and generally reduce the clutter at your workstation. This not only makes it easier for you to organise your desk, but then you find your things easily cause you know where you have put them.

Yes, the colourful boxes even look pretty on your desk.

Old trunks, new avtaar

Do you have any old tin trunks from your days in the hostel? They must be somewhere in the storeroom gathering must and dust or under your bed. Are you saying that nothing can be done about these old trunks? Well, think out of the ‘trunk’ here.

It’s quite hard to picturise them anywhere but under the bed or in some dark corner of an even darker storeroom. Well you haven’t seen the new avatar of those trunks.

All you have to do is let the artist in you take over and you can turn those ugly boxes into colourful and attractive items. You can either try Mithila art or any other way of colourful decoration as per your taste and style. Boys, how about going for red and black and using some words instead of drawings to express your attitude? The sky is the limit as you can revamp those trunks in whichever way you want to make it the coolest and most eye-catching

piece of you room.

You can use it as a decorative item rather than shoving it bed now?

(Such readymade boxes are available at Sana Hastakala, Kupondole)

Stitching wonders

Most of the time when your bed sheet gets torn or your curtains are damaged, the most that you may do is cut them into pieces and turn them into rags to clean windows and utensils.

This is basic recycling. But how about using them to create something more attractive?

For instance, you can always make a patchwork bedspread of all the undamaged materials. If you can get only small pieces of undamaged cloth, then you can use them to make tablemats, tea cosies or cover for your DVD players. Again, these small pieces can be used as a part of cushion covers or pillowcase by either using them as a centre piece or even at the borders, to give a unique design.

And if you are stuck with just one damaged bed sheet or curtain then you can always cut it out to make aprons which are always very useful in your kitchen.

There are so many things lying around in our houses that can be reused. All they need is a little bit of creativity and revamping.