POKHARA: We find mobile phones in the hands of almost everyone. The youngsters are free to call or text whoever they want. They can also exchange their feelings on the Internet. However, they are not satisfied with just this and until they’ve reached the card shop. And the card shops are specially crowded when the Valentine’s Day nears.

Pokhara has witnessed just this this year. Youngsters have crowded the Archie’s Galary, Chipledhunga and are busy selecting cards for their beloveds.

Pokhara is also known as the city of Lahures (foreign armymen) who have been to foreign places like Britain, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many European countries. So, the guardians also seem open abotu this matter.

But it is not just the children of lahures who have been bitten by the Valentine bug — all Pokhareli youngsters are eager to express their love.

Krishna Parajuli, owner of Archie’s Gallery, is busy in helping the youth choose cards. Talking to this daily, his younger brother Shanker Parjuli said, “Times have changed. The youth are more liberal nowadays.”

But it is also not necessary that the world knows about your love. Perhpas this is the reason why the youngsters shied away from this reporter when he tried to take their photographs.