Embracing fragrance

Gifting your Romeo or Juliet a bottle of perfume does not mean that s/he has body odour. It is considered one of the most romantic gifts ever (barring a few superstitions that it might lead to separation).

Wouldn’t you want to smell like paradise itself? Choose a fragrance that your loved one has been craving for, or some other scent that relates with his/her persona.

Let that fragrance bind you forever.

Say it with flowers

Though overused and cliched to the hilt, roses were, are and will always be the most popular symbol of love.

Receiving a single rose or a bunch on any day is romantic, but receiving roses on this day adds a whole new sheen to the word romantic. Some might protest saying it’s too old fashioned, but they also love it (believe us).

You don’t need to go to endless trouble to get your loved one a beautiful bunch or just a single stem — a florist near your home or office, your own garden or even your neighbour’s, will give you what you want. Remember to pluck out the thorns and make sure there are no bees in the blooms ready for a nasty bite.

If roses are not what you want, choose some other varieties like carnations or gladiolus, or go exotic like orchid or tulip. Better still, you can give you beau a flower according to her birth month.

Taste of heaven

“Nine out of 10 people love chocolate, and the tenth one always lies.”

It will be a surprise if you fail to gift your loved one a box of chocolate this Valentine.

You must be thinking, “That’s too common.” But who cares?

It is said eating chocolate releases the same chemical in your brain as falling in love does, so romance comes naturally with chocolate. Remember how the power of chocolate made the love lives of many better in Chocolat.

You can get a box of imported chocolate or the ones made by our pastry shops especially for Valentine’s Day.

All that bling

No one is asking for engagement rocks, but to get jewellry would really make Valentine’s Day very, very special. Besides being ultra cool, jewellry is for keeps as it doesn’t get out of fashion. It doesn’t have to cost a grand. A simple yet classy silver piece is great, though we are not ruling out the heavy stuff if you’ve got the dough.


The best part of being in Kathmandu is that you can get a variety of designer labels — fakes and originals — in all price ranges. Accessories means just that — something that accents one’s overall look.

So when you think of V-gifts think accessories think shades (not the footpath maals at least for V-Day), watches (branded ones would be great, no?), belts, wallets, cell phone accesso-ries, artistically designed buckles, cufflinks, Swiss knife, key chains, Zippo lighters, tiepins and the list goes on.

If your girls digs bags, then here’s your chance to go overboard. Choose a classic clutch or a funky colour sling, anything that defines her personality, and see her take on the world.

Boys’ toys

Anything, other than you, that captures his attention (and excite him) are the gizmos. From Play Station, Xbox, Fifa 2007 any guy would love to get their hands on these games. If your guy is musically inspired, a guitar, gadgets like wah wah paddle should make him smile till the next Valentine’s.

And you should not forget that what captures men’s fancy today is the mobile phone. Go for one if you have save up enough or if your dad is rich enough. Make a choice — staying in touch helps you stay close.

Footsy games

(Guys pay particular attention)

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then perhaps we will not be too wrong in saying that the way to a woman’s heart is by getting her shoes, shoes and more shoes... of different styles, designs, colours...

Everyone knows Cinderella’s story where the Prince finds his lady love with the help of her lost shoe. Why not make your lady love a Cindrella this year and get her a pair of her dreams?

People, do something for your loved one this year. Don’t miss the chance to make this day special for you and your loved one.