Value your uniqueness

Neerja Bhatia

For a moment stop and think - you start your day at 6:00 am, rush out of home, hit rush hour traffic, work hard, rush home, cook, eat, watch TV, hit the bed and start another hectic day. Have you become a socially accepted zombie living for everyone but yourself? Is this the life you dreamt of while growing up? Created by the expectations of society, we are conditioned to settle for the second best. Loosing our identity to “theydentity”, we carry burdens from the society to mold into what everyone is doing. Your way of life may certainly be accepted by society but is this what you really want? Following are a few recommendations if you want to discover the unique you:

•The next time you feel angry, guilty, or upset examine where these feelings are coming from. Are you seeing the situation from your past experiences or from a fresh perspective. Remember no person can cause you any pain without your consent.

•Keep a journal and jot down your daily highlights. If you don’t like writing, reflect on your day. We get insights throughout the day to find our uniqueness, but we have to pay attention.

•Remember thoughts are there for you and you are not there for your thoughts.

•Stop comparing - you are unique. There never was and never will be another you.

•Be thankful.

•Love your unique self.

•Have fun and laugh - laughter a day keeps the doctor away.

•Always give a smile or blessings from your heart to each and everyone you encounter.

•Take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions. Dare to be yourself and ask for what you want - you will get it!