Vibrant splashes


Artist Milan Rai doesn’t consider black as a colour. For him it is the absence of light. And with colourful splashes, he has created vibrant pieces of art against a black background.

Rai’s new collection titled ‘Splashes’ was inaugurated on by Ambassador of Denmark Finn Thilsted at Park Gallery, Lazimpat June 1.

Woman and trees are the two subjects that he has dwelt upon. “Nature inspires

me and women are also part of nature,” added Rai.

Keeping these subjects as a background he has used vibrant shades of blue and green on black making the whole piece rather attractive.

He said there were two paintings in the collection which were his favourites. On had a woman painted in white gobbling something. “This woman is swallowing light for obscure darkness,” he elaborated.

The other had his fingerprint at the middle of the painting rather than his signature. These two are not for sale.

Rai also has one painting of a leafless tree against a blue background sans any splashes; this he says is to silence those who say he cannot do realistic pieces.

The exhibition is on till June 15.