Vignettes of THT food fest

This festival is a very good opportunity for people to explore delicacies from all around the world and I am really enjoying my time here — Sohail Amin, ambassador of Pakistan

The festival has turned out very well this time. The participation of various countries has also increased, so has the variety and quality of food. The crowd is vibrant and all these are great indicators of success. — M Humayun Kabir, ambassador of Bangladesh

It’s a fantastic festival. It is really well attended with some delicious cuisine. It is said that food united everybody, and this is quite obvious by looking at the amount of people who have come here and the variety of world cuisine that has been represented. — Harinder Singh, General Manager, Hyatt Regency

I appreciate the the way the event has been managed. The food is superb particularly the Nepali dishes. However, people here seem to to be quite indifferent regarding civic sense. It is not sensible to litter and leave rubbish wherever you’ve eaten. It also would have been better if alcohol had not been made free for all. — Anuradha Koirala, Maiti Nepal

It’s a great festival and there is a lot of improvement as compared to the last one. The fun zone is great and the food is always nice. I am having a wonderful time. — Saurabh Jyoti, General Manager, Syakar Company Ltd

This is an amazing way to have a family outing with lots of fun, food, music and games. I am having a rocking time. — Raju Singh Sondhi, MD, DMI Entertainment

The event is well managed and the area is bigger too. The crowd is good and it is a big day out for families. It is a fun-filled festival and a complete family entertainment package.

— Robin Sitoula, PartyNepal