Vince and me good friends: Aniston

The paparazzi photographs say otherwise but Jennifer Aniston maintains she and co-star Vince Vaughn are just good friends. Aniston, who has just finished filming The Break Up with Vaughn, was visibly uncomfortable on Larry King Live as the show’s host interrogated her about their relationship. “I’m not talking about it,” she said. “It sounds harsh to say ‘it’s none of your business’ (but) you learn your lessons.” The actress squirmed and giggled nervously, but admitted Vaughn was a national treasure during an interview with CNN’s broadcasting king. She also said Vaughn — with whom she has been photographed kissing and hugging several times — was “funny” and a “great guy”.

Sensing her unease, King pressed on, saying “Vince Vaughn, we love him,” and “He’s a national treasure”, to which the actress dutifully agreed.