Vision of fantasies

KATHMANDU: It’s difficult to give expression to visions of a darker world or to give expression to emotions, however, artists Ranendra B Mali and Promina Shrestha’s exhibition on at Gallery 32, Dent Inn, does exactly that.

Titled ‘A Duet of Fantasies’, this is both artists’ first exhibition.

While Shrestha’s collection includes sketches, watercolours and collage, Mali has presented a captivating digital art collection. His digital works are more on the darker side as most pieces are dominated by by the colour black. Most of his creations have a girl as the subject with a sky in the background, but the sky is rather cloudy and smoky. His work talks about destruction, death and extinction. Though dark, some of his works talks about a positive change like ‘Life after Death’ which shows an angel’s need to save the earth from extinction, and the other one titled ‘Sparkling Sound’ which talks about creating joy and freeing people surrounded by the mayhem of sound.

Shrestha explores the inner feelings of people with which they are struggling to come to terms with. In one painting she has tried to represent the confusion one feels due to the clash of various identities one gets. Her work titled ‘Memories’ talks about

how cherished memories can at times blind people and stop them from living in

the present. Conflict between one’s inner self and the norms of society are very much dominant in her work. Despite such a subject matter Shrestha’s collection has brighter shades and is more colourful.

The exhibition is on till September 7.