Walking for solidarity


At 8.30 am, around 500 people from various organisations and countries had gathered in front of the Kumari Temple at Kathmandu Durbar Square for a ‘Visibility Walk’ to Maitighar Mandala. The walk was organised by Tewa, an organisation working for the uplift of rural women in the country, to simultaneously celebrate 10th Tewa anniversary and 97th Women’s Day.

Smiling people, men and women hugging each other, foreigners happily basking in the opportunity to capture some photographs to take home, various banners hung in front the tall Vishnu temple beside the Kumari abode — the scene was quite energetic right from the beginning.

Following an encouraging speech by Tewa president Maggie Shah in her flawless Nepali, the march commenced. People, mostly women, were seen holding banners and play cards which urged for solidarity among women folk and their uplift.

When asked why the walk had been named ‘Visibility’, media coordinator of Tewa Sheetal Bajracharya said, “We have been working for 10 years and have already provided financial support to more than 214 organisations across 54 districts of Nepal, so we thought our tenth anniversary and 97th Women’s Day the right occasion make ourselves more ‘visible’ in the public.”

The walk concluded at Maitighar Mandala at around 10.30 am followed by the representatives of various participating organisations urging all to unite for the cause of women.