War of K’s: Katrina Vs Kareena


Katrina and Kareena are fighting over the title of the highest paid actress and the one with maximum films. Until recently, Kareena was the unchallenged queen of Bollywood as far as her price was concerned.

She snapped up all the big endorsements and there was no competition for miles around. But

now to her dismay, a relative newbie, Katrina, is competing with her at every turn: with the price, the number of film, as well as endorsements.

Says a source close to Kareena, “She feels that Katrina is deliberately matching her steps. Because it can’t be a coincidence so often. Every time Bebo (Kareena) signs a film for an ‘X’ number of crores, the following day there is an announcement of Katrina having done the same.”

According to a friend of Kareena’s, the actress found these comparisons amusing earlier but now, they irritate her. Kareena has kept quiet till now as whenever she has met Kat, she has been cordial and friendly. For the moment, Bebo is keeping control over her fiery self. She’s very fond of Salman and the Khan family and doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt them.

She’s also acting in Salman and Sohail’s home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna, so for the moment she’s keeping quiet and waiting for Katrina’s next move. She will talk when the moment is right. Both Kareena and Katrina remained unavailable for comment. — Agencies