War of the DJs


The clubbing scene in Nepal is yet again going to rock this Friday night with the best DJs battling it out in “The War of the DJs” at Club Galaxy, Hotel Everest. The event is being organised by Music Factory - a workshop headed by Shivani Rana and Kranti Maharjan.

This workshop will work towards training DJs, promoting DJing as a leading entertainment area, helping them enhance their personality and presentation skills and manage their careers in Nepal and abroad. The event will be featuring a total of six DJs, DJ Kranti, DJ P*Yell, DJ Zion, DJ B-Man, DJ Maddox and DJ B-Cash, each one of whom will manifest the best of their spinning skills to outperform the others.

A global event, War of the DJs, is a much-awaited event in Nepal. This Saturday - September 3 will witness six of Nepal’s best upcoming DJs battle out for supremacy. From Mixing, beat-matching to tricks and rapping, the show will see the young performers belting out their best to victory. Judged by DJ Lloyd and DJ Ankit along with Santoo Shrestha, Sunil Gurung, Shivani Rana and a special surprise guest, this competition promises to behold in all fairness of the game.

DJ Kranti: Kranti Maharjan AKA DJ Kranti is already a popular name in the party circuits and has been DJing since 1997. His passion for music inspired him to get into this profession and claims that this is the only field where one can be one’s own boss. He dotes on Hip-Hop and House music and says that his strongest point, as a DJ is his technically tight mixing. His fan following is increasing with each passing day and vouches for DJ Ankit and DJ P*Yell as his favourites in Nepal and DJ Reflective in the international arena.

DJ P*Yell: Payal Rajeshwori Thapa AKA DJ P*Yell is the only female battling it out as DJ which is predominantly a male’s arena. Since she did not know the art of playing instruments, her foray into DJing helped her keep close to her passion for music. Her favourite genres of music are Hip-Hop and House and says her power to manipulate the crowd is her strongest asset. Being a female, she does attract a lot

of crowd and says DJ Ankit and DJ Kranti are her all time favourites in Nepal and goes crazy for the tunes played by DJ Lauren Wolf, DJ Lish and DJ Reflective from round the world.

DJ Maddox: It took just about a weeklong workshop on DJing coupled with

his love for music that got Subash Gurung AKA DJ Maddox transform into a full-time DJ. Just a year and a half old in the field, DJ Maddox has certainly made a mark for himself and he claims that it’s the fame and recognition that make DJing just a glamorous profession. He loves playing Funky House and says that his huge collection of music is certainly his best asset. His favourite DJ in the international circuit is DJ Neuromotor and claims that all DJs in Nepal are wonderful at what they do.

DJ Zion: Suman Shakya AKA DJ Zion is one of the first ever DJs in Nepal and has proved his spinning skills in almost all clubs in Nepal since he started off in 1997. Having had no formal training in DJing, DJ Zion claims that DJing just happened to him by chance. He is passionate about Psychedelic Trance and also has quite a bulk some of fans coming in to see him play at Funky Buddha and other parties around town. His favourite Nepali DJ is DJ Nishant and in the international scene, vouches for DJ Paul Taylor.

DJ B-Man: Biru Man Prajapati AKA DJ B-Man started DJing as a hobby, which later got transformed into a full-time career. DJ B-Man has been in this field for more than a year now and claims that making people dance to one’s tunes is the best part about DJing, where one gets the opportunity to enjoy himself simultaneously.

The ability to pull the crowd is what DJ B-Man thinks is the strongest asset in a DJ’s career that comes along with a lot of glamour, fame and a huge fan-following. This DJ loves playing commercial music and House mixes. His favourite DJs in Nepal, according to him are DJ Ankit and DJ Chirag and loves the music of Fat Boy Slim.

DJ Bloody Cash: Bikash Kumar Das AKA DJ Bloody Cash has a strong passion for Hip-Hop and House music and claims that DJing jus happened to him out of the blues and now is his strongest passion and profession as well. This DJ asserts that DJ Kranti was one of his major inspirations in becoming a DJ and says that the glamour and fame that comes along is definitely worth it. His strongest asset, according to him is his mixing style that will definitely help him prove his apt skills at DJing. His favourite domestic DJs are DJ Ankit, DJ Kranti and DJ Flex while Astrix remains his international favourite.

The event is sponsored by McDowell’s, Marlboro and Kingfisher and is priced at Rs 350 inclusive of a welcome drink. Be there to cheer your favourite and enjoy to the max!