War of the DJs to shake up capital

This Friday, to beat the heat, the clubs around town are again getting geared up to rock us all through the night. Hotel Everest is organising a one of a kind party at Galaxy Discotheque,

“Star Wars - The Remixology”, which will feature DJ Jimmy from Bangalore and DJ Kary from Delhi battling it out with our very own DJ Ankit and DJ Kranti manifesting the best of their spinning skills. The party will be based on the theme of the movie ‘Star Wars’ and the DJs would be playing remixes of all genres all through the night on a one on one basis. DJ Jimmy, who is quite a popular name in the party scene of Bangalore and has played all around the world would be swooning the crowd with his psychedelic trance and hip-hop tracks while DJ Kary who is equally admired and has flaunted his skills at turntables in various countries, would be playing progressive and hard house. Royal Stag, Marlboro and Carlsberg are sponsoring the event, with the tickets being priced at Rs 600 inclusive of a drink. The party will kick off at 9 pm. —HNS