Warm evening with Madan Krishna


La chhaku weka

samay baji,

Wala wala pulu kushi

Just like the samay baji he sang about, the paleti session of versatile singer and veteran actor Madan Krishna Shrestha presented a brilliant mixture of varied songs and mixed emotions. The evening of August 29 saw the lesser known side of the actor who is known for his comic timing.

When he was first offered to sing for the audience of paleti session, Shrestha admitted that he was tempted by the offer. “When Avaas asked me to sing at paleti, I just could not say no, thinking about the warm ambience and the handful of audience who not only love but also understand music.”

The programme started with the song Pasal bata biki sake ko ma manchhe. Shrestha sang mostly sentimental and romantic lyrics during the first half which included songs like Khola wari khola pari, Malai ta jindagi le kati hasayo. Though the songs were more about pain, difficulties of life and despair, he kept the mood of the evening very light and funny with his humorous and witty talks.

When the organisers surprised him with messages sent by his children from the US asking him to sing their favourite song, Arabau manchhe haru ma for the audience, Shrestha got very emotional.

“Children are very special and I love them as much I love my country,” shared Shrestha.

Most of the songs performed by Shrestha were written by him. Altogether he 14 songs and on audience demand he performed Kasto Maya Laiechha as a tribute to veteran singer Phatteman who was also present at the event.

Going back to his forte of socio-politic satire, he performed a song related to the ongoing situation of the country. Bringing a comic angle to the evening, Shrestha also performed some of his well loved comedy songs like Samay baji, Gaena jawani and Hey bhagwan mero khalti ko ghau.

Shrestha also informed all that his grand-daughter has also started singing and performed a song Jindagi ta chale kai cha composed by his son Yaman.