Watch it for Kajol and Aamir


Fanaa (Drama)

Cast: Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Kirron Kher, Tabu, Gautami Kapoor, Lara Dutta

Director: Kunal Kohli

Showing at Jai Nepal

After eons there finally seems to be an end to the barrage of jingoistic jingles. Of course, the relics of mordant romanticism still resonate, but Aamir now seems exhausted of his fancy ideas of nationalism! Instead, the passionate pap this time is peppered with a tempestuous affair de amour that brews between a Kashmiri kudi and a terrorist. Aamir’s exploits might have made the critics eat crow as he rolled out in his different avatars, unfortunately though this one fails to whip up the lather of his earlier blockbusters.

No sooner do the characters pitch in, we are abruptly forced to pore over the splendid beauty of Kashmir that tries hard to compensate for the missing tugs in the tattered storyline. With fits and starts, tour guide Rehan (Aamir) guides a troupe that has arrived for a show to mark the festivity of the independence of India. As Kajol, who’s arrived along with the troupe, ostensibly smites Aamir, she too naturally falls for his flamboyant magnetism. But, since love doesn’t fall in his scheme of things, Rehan instead tries to make up for the unconditional love with an unconditional one-night stand. Though that bears her a love child, blind Zooni never gets to see her beau before she can actually see.

It’s only in the post-intermission part that the story moves on a high emotional terrain. Rehan enters as a full-fledged terrorist and is set for another outrageous assignment. The pre-intermission hardly progress, as the love struck couple recite syrupy shaeris but that’s one USP that the film can proudly boast of in this much-ballyhooed story about the magnanimity of love. Of course, hadn’t it been for the mellifluent verses, the plot doesn’t deliver much to our expectations.

Nevertheless, it’s really wonderful to see Kajol still retain her charisma even after that long hiatus. And for Aamir, he emerges equally mesmerising in his role of a love-struck terrorist. And trust Yash Raj to create that cinematic splendour with his penchant for panoramic settings. And though the music, which in no way rivals that of Rang de Basanti, is definitely soothing to the ears.

Watch it for the emotional excellence that none other than Aamir and Kajol would have been

capable of.