Watch your budget

Going to college is very expensive and financial aid in and of any kind is always welcome. So, always consider every possible source of financial aid. Check with your school’s financial aid and admissions offices for the kind of scholarships that are available.

Know the guidelines and due dates of paperwork for your financial aid awards. And be sure to stay on top of this. Nothing could be worse than losing a scholarship or financial aid award because you lost some paperwork or missed a due date. A mistake like this could cost you thousands of rupees.

Never buy new textbooks, unless you enjoy improving your college bookstore’s bottom line. Buying new textbooks put a huge hole in your budget. Always try to buy a used textbook or even check out a copy from your library before you buy a new textbook. You could save quite a sum in each term.

Shop early for books. Try second hand bookshops. You’ll find the best selection of used materials. If you don’t get to the bookstore early enough chances are they’ll be out of used materials by then and you might be stuck having to purchase a new textbook at an outrageous price.

A credit card is not free money... no matter how often you are bombarded with advertisements that may lead you to believe otherwise.

Set a budget. And stick to it. Figure out how much money you have or can make each month and estimate how much you will spend each month. Never spend more than you have or earn.

Don’t blow all your money. Most college students are on a tight budget. Don’t blow all of your money on alcohol or junk food. Put a little into a savings account each month, even if it’s not that much.

Get a part-time job to make some extra cash.

Try to eat in your mess if you are in a hostel. This helps in saving a lot of money.

Watch those cell phone minutes. Just calling anyone anytime might prove very, very costly.