We need some help here

After a long time I decided to visit Pashupatinath temple. I found many changes of which some were for a very good and logical reason while some of which did not make sense at all. I had read somewhere that the place was on the list of UNESCO heritage sites. It is known as one of the important pilgrimages for Hindus. Every year thousands of tourists visit the temple.

Earlier, houses surrounded the temple and now the area has been cleared. There was another good aspect of the management that struck me.

Leaving shoes and sandals outside the temple premises was risky as some smart fellow would filch them but now they have a well-managed system where your shoes are taken care of.

But to my utter dismay as I entered the temple premises I was hurled into the midst of an unruly crowd. Pushing and pulling I finally managed to enter but it was sad to see flowers, leaves and other offerings lying on the ground which made the area look very dirty.

What shocked me the most was the sight of uncared for statues of our gods. Most of the buildings were almost on the verge of collapse. To top it all, the entire river Bagmati, which is supposed to be very sacred, is polluted beyond imagination. The smaller temples in and around the main temple were also in bad condition.

If it is on the UNESCO heritage site list the place needs immediate help for protection. Otherwise the next generation will only have the opportunity to read of it in their history books and would not be able to witness the sanctity of this legendary monument.

This temple is our pride and it has a vital role in protecting and promoting Hindu religion.

— Sagar Lamichhane, Loyola College