We’ve become buddies, says Bipasha

Yes, it is me in the picture. It was taken at an opportune moment... it looks like

a case of irresponsible assumptions


One of Bipasha Basu’s dreams came true at Lisbon, Portugal when she got to meet her favourite footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the actress made the most of it. She says she danced and partied with the football star who is a big fan of Bollywood.

Bipasha hosted the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ ceremony at the Benfica Stadium in Lisbon on July 7.

“For two months I had been raving to my boyfriend John (Abraham) that I’d meet Cristiano

at IIFA awards. They had promised to make him walk with me. I was crushed when it didn’t

happen. Who was to know that I’d party with him just weeks after IIFA,” Bipasha said.

“I was like a fan to begin with. But after we bonded we just became two individuals’ bonding as buddies over an important international event.

We’re pals now. If I ever have to see a football game, all I’ve to do is ask Cristiano,” she added.

Bipasha became a football fan ever since she met John. “I’ve been Cristiano’s fan for five years. I haven’t yet told John the details of my partying with Cristiano. I will as soon as he returns from his outdoors.”

However, intimate pictures of Cristiano and Bipasha have been splashed all over the Internet and the local television channels are also airing snaps of her close encounter with the football star.

The picture has created a stir in gossipy Bollywood, but Basu told an Indian newspaper the kiss had been taken out of context.

“Yes, it is me in the picture,” she said. “It was taken at an opportune moment...it looks like

a case of irresponsible assumptions.”

Revealing the details of her night, she said, “I felt like a princess. He gave me so many compliments. He danced with me throughout the night. There were 50,000 jealous women staring at us. I must’ve got so much Portuguese bud-dua (bad wishes) that night. The local girls wanted to murder me. Now he wants to e-mail me regularly.”

During dinner Cristiano told Bipasha that he was a big fan of Bollywood. “I thought he was just trying to be sweet. I told him he didn’t have to say he liked Bollywood films just to please me. Cristiano fished out his cell phone and made me hear Tujhse naraaz nahin from Masoom. He said, ‘Now do you believe me?’”

Bipasha laughs about her interaction with the soccer star. “Though he looks older, Cristiano is very young, just a boy. Now I’ve told him, I’m only his fan on the field. Beyond the field he’s my friend. I’ve told him I’m his first Indian friend. We discussed John and my football film Goal. I’ve invited Cristiano to India.”