Weekend lounge

With her powerful voice Preeti Kaur has established herself as one of the successful female pop singers of Nepal. She shares that her weekends are spiritually fulfilling.

Her inner peace

I spend my free time during weekends with my best friend Sunita Pradhan and my brother Gunjeet. Fridays are usually spent going to parties if any, or else we just have a quiet dinner at Nanglo’s Chinese room or hang out in Nanglo Pub. I love all their dishes, but my friends orders fried chicken chilli Chinese style which is just heavenly.

I am also a big time movie buff and love going to the theatre. Recently I watched Bhool Bhulaiya, which I liked a lot and now I am waiting to watch Saawariya.

Saturdays are more laid back. I visit the Gurudwara and spend some quiet time there. I like the feeling it gives. It is spiritually fulfilling. Afternoons are spent chatting with my brother and friends at home.

I also like going shopping whenever I am free. Obviously it’s New Road where I shop the most. I am not very brand conscious and pick whatever I like. I do have a fetish for scarves and have a huge collection of different colours, prints and materials.