Weekend lounge: In nature’s lap

One of the most successful figures of Nepali corporate world, Sujit Mundul, CEO Standard Chartered Bank is an artistically inclined person. After a busy week at work he chooses to stay close to nature during the weekend

Kathmandu: Some people prefer going for treks or other adventure trips on weekends, earlier even I used to go for such trips but I don’t find it that exciting anymore.

For me weekend is a time to relax. My wife and I prefer going to places away from the city like Dhulikhel and have a peaceful time amidst nature. I just like sitting outside and looking at the Himalayan ranges. I enjoy spending time sketching or reading; such tranquil environment also helps me get ideas for writing.

Well most of the time Friday evenings are occupied by different social events that I have to attend. Such events are organisational requirement and I need to fulfil that.

During this Tihar vacation my wife and I drove to Kurintaar and visited Manakamana temple. Due to the festivals the place was not crowded so we had a wonderful time as we could see the surroundings.

The view was amazingly beautiful and we had a nice conversation about nature.

I was highly impressed by the ropeway (Manakamana Cable car) there and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was a very memorable trip for both of us.

How I would like to spend my weekend depe-nds mostly on my mood. At times I go for golf and then sit with my friends, have a nice discussion. Then at times I listen to music and relax.