Weekend lounge: Nature’s child

My weekends are ‘just-take-it-easy type when I can switch off my mind to the works which I do during weekdays.

I have no fixed routine. But I do sleep more and often go away for some interesting activities, like hiking, movies, music, or just hang our with my friends. I like going on hikes to different places, either around the hills of Kathmandu or outside.

Weekends are also essential for me to get newer ideas and concepts. My most memorable weekends were in Australia when I was there from 1995-1999. I used to fly in a hired two-seater or four-seater plane with a friend to different exotic locations from Tazmania, the place where I stayed, as the plane was easy to land.

My friend’s hobby was to fly and I too had a childhood dream to fly and really relished the moments in the air.

I also love water, and during my stay in Australia, I used to go sailing during weekends as one of my friends had a boat. It really felt good.