Weekend lounge: Pleasure trip

Crowned Miss Nepal 2007 first runner-up, Shweta Shah is a busy girl. Her work at the French embassy keeps her busy, but she makes sure she enjoys her weekends

As work takes most of my time on weekdays, I make sure that I have a ‘weekend’.

I usually spend my weekends with my friends — either catching up with my school friends or hanging out with Sitashma (Miss Nepal 2007) and Bandana (Miss Nepal 2007 second runner-up).

On Friday evenings, I usually go to the Liquid Lounge and enjoy a good time there. Other than that I like to hangout at Thamel.

I get up late on Saturdays — that is the one thing that I like most about Saturdays. I often sleep till noon. And during summer I like to go swimming in the afternoons.

I often go out of the Valley for a relaxing weekend — I leave on Friday evening and come back on Sunday. I prefer going to Riverside Resort at Kurintaar or Nagarkot. I love Pokhara, but one weekend is not enough to spend there. An ideal weekend for me would be on a a beach. I would just love to just laze around basking in the sun. — As told to Krita Raut