Weekend lounge: Seeking adventure

Well known for being wacky and outspoken RJ Prasan Syangden doesn’t limit his music taste and believes in experimenting. Just the way he does with his weekends.

KATHMANDU: My weekend program basically depends on what’s happening around town. I normally hangout in pubs and bars with my friends. On Friday night if there is a party by Party Nepal I go there. Otherwise I like to hangout in Thamel. Most of the time I have a major hangover on Saturdays so half the day I usually sleep. Then I just laze around; there isn’t much to do in Kathmandu.

These days the restaurant at Naag Daaha, has become my favourite hangout place. There is a lake near the restaurant and I like to go there for boating. Absolute bar is another place that I like to go as it has a very nice lounge. I’m bored of the regular places so nowadays I prefer going to weird and adventurous places.

For me the perfect weekend will be a trip to Pokhara, as I really like the place. I like going outside the valley for weekends with my friends.

I guess every weekend can turn out to be fun and interesting. Nowadays I have become very experimental with my weekends. Sometime back I had gone to Gulmi where I heard a lot about Dohori restaurants. So I visited one after coming to Kathmandu.

I had gone with a pre-conceived notion that it would be boring but to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. I even ended up dancing all night.