Weekend lounge: That giant leap

He loves shopping and spending time with his friends. But the one thing the indomitable singer Yogeshwar Amatya would love to do on a weekend is go bungee jumping...

For a very long time now I have been wanting to go bungee jumping during a weekend, but I haven’t managed to gather my nerves to take the plunge. Nhyoo (Bajracharya) has been planning this for quite some time now — for all friends to go bungeeing, but I have been postponing it. I think it would have been fine some years ago; you have lots of courage when you are young... My wife also doesn’t approve of me doing such dare devil acts, and to tell you the truth I am also a bit hesitant about it.

But I am mentally and physically preparing myself for this ultimate jump.

During weekends I usually hang out at the Side, Spin and Bubble with my friends Bobin (Pradhan), Nhyoo, Jems (Pradhan) and Dipesh (Bhattarai). We spend our Fridays playing snooker, cooking together and jamming up.

As I have started drinking only wine, I enjoy a glass while enjoying my time with friends.

I make sure that I have lunch at home on Saturdays as it is a holiday for my children. It has become kind of a tradition to have lunch with the family on Saturdays. And as I have turned a vegetarian only recently, I enjoy eating at home.

I usually don’t eat out with my wife as our tastes in food are poles apart. We usually go out with our own friends. This goes for our tastes in movies too. But I love going shopping with her. It is such fun to visit one shop after another.

I believe that children should know more about the world they live in, so I went on a trip of England and Switzerland with my 10-year-old son recently and we had a blast.

I am a laid back person who is bad at planning and who lives for the moment. I think all my weekends are memorable.