Weekend lounge: Walk the wild

She runs one of the most elegant and happening places in the Capital, and Shobha Rayamajhi, MD of 1905, has a hectic schedule throughtout the week. But Saturday is the day when she unwinds and loves to be in tune with nature

I like to keep Saturday completely for myself, and forget about my work. I can’t even stand to be here (at 1905). As such I do not keep events that require my time and attention on Saturdays. I don’t even do my workouts on that day.

Usually I spend my time with my dog and do some gardening. I go vegetable shopping in the morning and have lunch with my family, or attend social events in the evenings (if there are any).

I’ve joined a group — the Himalayan Hash Harriers, and we go for Hash runs on Saturdays. We usually go to places out of Ring Road and choose a trail that we can run or walk along, and explore it. Then we come back, share some drinks and chat, and basically have an enjoyable time.

For me the most memorable weekend was the one when the Hash Run was organised at Bandipur about a month ago. Hash was celebrating its 1,500th run in Nepal and the programme was for two days. I got a chance to see the town, explore new areas running on unknown trails, enjoy the local hospitality and meet new people along the way.

For me the ideal weekend would be to go to a remote place outside Kathmandu, far away from all modern technology. It would be perfect if there is a lakeside nearby. I would love to be in such a place where you can just be yourself and be in touch with nature.