Weekend lounge: With loved ones

He has seduced us with his voice and probably everyone has tried a jig to Nima Rumba’s tipsytunes. A total entertainer, Rumba prefers to spend his weekends with his family — wife Sheli and sons Samuel, 8, and Norgin 16 months

Fridays are all about having an enjoyable time with the people with whom I am comfortable. It is usually about eating out or having a family gathering at my place.

I prefer going to Thamel and Durbar Marg with family and friends. If we are having dinner outside, I make sure we try something new and don’t order any Nepali dish.

I love Chinese and Korean food and the Chinese Room at Nanglo’s is my favourite for the authentic Chinese dishes they serve.

On Saturdays I make sure I spend quality time with my sons. As they are growing up, I want to be with them more often. We go for movies. Recently we watched Spider Man 3 together. As it is summer, I take them swimming. All in all we do fun things together and enjoy the weekend as a family.

However, I feel that Kathmandu does not have any place for children to enjoy themselves. We seriously need a good amusement park for children to have fun.