Welcoming foreign guests

People like to travel. They visit countries that have many places of interest. In Nepal we have the lofty Himalayas, the green forests, deep gorges, tranquil lakes, a wide variety of flora and fauna, ancient and beautiful temples. All these attract many people to our country. Every year thousands of foreign tourists visit our country.

We should all welcome tourists. Tourists are a source of foreign revenue. Tourists help the hotel industry as they like to stay in comfortable hotels.

When tourists visit our country our tourist guides find work as they are hired by the visitors to take them around.

We also get to learn and know about different customs and cultures and sometimes even speak in a foreign tongue.

Tourists visit Nepal during various seasons and many come for different purposes like entertainment, business, culture study and so on.

As many tourists visit Nepal, different programmes are organised to attract even more of them. The government is also very supportive of all tourism activities and provides tourists security.