What a treat!


It is always good to children smile. If you’ve have had a rough day, then children with their innocent banter and smiles can surely make your day. “Bringing back smiles to our children and other socially deprived has been the motive behind the concert series, and I am glad to see our initiative being well received,” says Amrit Gurung, the front man of Nepathya.

Nepathya has always been appreciated for their social consciousness and they have proved themselves by performing for street children at CPCS and women at the Maiti Nepal. After those stupendous performances, they performed for the children of Bal Mandir and other children homes of the Valley at Bal Mandir premises on January 24.

And they thrilled the children there is to say the very least.

A Tuesday afternoon and the children basked in the sun waiting for Nepathya eagerly. “We know many songs of Nepathya and what I like the most is Resham,” said one the children of Bal Mandir.

There was a huge round of applause and cheers when the band came on stage. Gurung is always appreciated for not only being a wonderful singer but a great performer. There is the other side of him, which people have hardly seen. He connected so well with the children. He spoke to them as if they were his friends. Singing some of the band’s ever-popular numbers like Resham, Chekyo chekyo and Jomsome bazarma, Gurung made the children dance and hop to his numbers.

“It is indeed a pleasure to see these children smile and dance to our songs,” said Gurung.

And his audience loved every bit of his show and danced and sang along with him.

It was not only the children who enjoyed the show but the ambassador of Australia to Nepal, Graeme Lade, and Sri Lankan ambassador Grace Asirwatham, also swayed to Nepathya’s beats.

This is the third concert in the ‘Nepathya for All’ series. The other three to follow will include shows for disturbed children, mentally challenged, visually challenged and hearing impaired of society.