What does the future hold? Nepali ‘inventors’ take

I would build a futuristic gadget that would perform multiple tasks. It would be reasonably priced and necessary to everyone. My gadget would have the following characteristics —

1. It would remind me about my short-term and long-term plans that I have to accomplish. And also how far I have reached, or how much is left to achieve in the plan.

2. It would record the different and innovative ideas that come to my mind because, smart ideas come to me while I walk, bathe, and eat food, but I don’t remember them when I want to implement them.

3. It would update me on contemporary issues occurring around the globe and the steps needed to be taken for further progress.

I would name that gadget ‘Smart Magic Box’.

— Dev Kumar Sunuwar

If the opportunity of making a futuristic gadget were given to me, I would make an assignment doing gadget. This gadget would do all the assignments a person asks it to do and I would name the gadget ‘The Indolent Choice’. This gadget would be of great fun for all students.

— Pranit Sharma

I would build a high capacity memory card which could be inserted into any

individual’s mind. So that there would be no problem storing information in the brain. The days of mugging numerical tables would all be over, and there would be

no problem in my account class either. The long lessons of Economics could be easily stored inside my mind, which would make examinations easier. I guess I

would name it ‘Dwaipayan Card’, as Pascal named his device Pascaline.

— Dwaipayan Regmi,


Lets talk about Human Beings first. What are they? Social animals? You got it completely wrong. They are egocentric, power-hungry, greedy, and good for nothing, hypocritical bunch of scums. If you don’t agree then tell me one thing they have done that is right for the future? What have they left for the next generation? Pollution? Global warming? CFC? Holed ozone? Hydrogen bombs? AIDS? If these are the gifts they have given to the world, what good are they? They have already eliminated lots of species. Deserts have replaced the flora and fauna. Not only are they endangering others species, they are dangerous to themselves and the entire planet. The devastation of the earth is directly proportional to the consciousness of the people. So to save the world, I would love to make a device that would send this breed of human beings back to Stone Age and restore peace in the world. Because for the first time I believe that ignorance is bliss.

— Billy Williams

If I get a chance to build a futuristic gadget, I would make a mechanical pen with integrated computerised notebook having memory up to 2GB, which can be opened through a personal pass code and Internet access too. I would name it ‘Smart Pen’. Its design would look like that of a normal pen. As it has a capacity of 2GB,users wouldn’t have to memorise words but save it in this Smart Pen.

— Awan Krishna Shrestha, Khwopa

Engineering College

I would like to make a desire-controlling gadget, which, one can wear on his wrist.

I’ll make this gadget because problems arise from a man’s own unending desires. Suppose, an obese person wants to lose weight, but desires to have lots of food, this gadget will come handy to curb his desires in such a situation. Similarly a student has to study a lot but he desires to hang out with his/her friends at the cost of his/her career, this desire-controlling gadget will again come to play its role.

I would like to name it ‘Jeena’ because the word jeena means a person who can control his desires.

— Karan, Bharatpur

There are many gadgets that I would like to make, but if I have to choose one, then, I would choose to invent a gadget that helps in cooking. It would cook most of the items like fried vegetables, curry and pickles once we provide the materials required. 

I aspire to make it because there are various grinders to grind and mixers to mix but there are no gadgets to cook them. This gadget would assist those cooking in the kitchen. Therefore, it would increase the standard of life people and also save time. 

I would name my gadget ‘Viveckh’s Electric Cooking Gadget’.

— Viveckh Pandey

I would invent a gadget that would give solutions to my dilemmas. I can rarely find solutions or decide on what to do. I am always in confusion whether something will be beneficial to me or not. I waste most of my time thinking over trivialities, which is a bad habit. So I want to invent such a gadget, which would make me

take the right decisions to help me overcome these traumatic dilemmas. I would name it ‘Panacea’ because it would serve as a panacea to all my problems.

— Rebati Adhikary,


Various gadgets play a vital role in our life in this 21st century. If I were given a chance to make a futuristic gadget of my choice, I would build a gadget that will be aware of future problems and show them as well as be able to solve problems easily. Then the world will be a better and secure place to live. I would name my gadget ‘Future Gadget.’

— Keepa Shrestha

If I were to build a futuristic device, I would prepare a machine that invents other machines and gadgets as per the user’s requirement. All you would need to do is type what kind of gadget you want and you’d get it. That would save a whole deal of trouble of inventing one machine after another in the future. It would probably change the face of future because everything would be at hand at the touch of a button. And I would simply name it

‘Invent-it-all machine’. No complications!

— Rhea Gurung,


Different gadgets have become a necessity of our life. If I were given a chance to make a futuristic gadget of my choice, I would build a gadget that will recycle non-biodegradable

elements into useful elements. This recycling will help in conservation of environment and make it clean, green and healthy. I would name my gadget ‘Nature’s Fren’.

— Salima Tuladhar

Gadgets have now become an integral part of our lives. If I were given a chance to make a futuristic gadget of my choice, I would build such machine, which would be capable of knowing the emotions of people. Hence, I would be able to know the sorrows of people and then would try to make them happy. Then the world would be full of happiness and hence be a better place to live in. I would name my gadget ‘Heart to Heart’.

— Alisha Shakya

If I were given a chance to make some kind of gadget, I’d definitely build the ‘Time Machine’. After all, I’m an avid follower of Einstein and fulfiling his desires are my dream. After its invention, what a life it would be? Travelling back and forth through time, erasing all the mistakes made in the past and constructing our own future, it would be simply fantastic. I would name the gadget ‘Niraj’ because then, I would be known as the greatest scientist of the century and remembered forever for my invention.

— Niraj Khanal

Given a chance, I would surely make such a gadget that can track UFO easily and which can also take real pictures and videos. I would name it ‘Dream UFO’. I would make Dream UFO mainly because people are still confused about UFO. My gadget would be able to distinguish between the genuine UFO footages and pictures from hoaxers,

and determine which claims are for real therefore minimising the work of UFO experts who have to work hard for this.

— Saqir Mark

I want to make a gadget that would punish all those who betray my country. And call it ‘Machine Patriot’.

— Eklaxmi Nepal

If I would get a chance to make a gadget of my choice, then I would make a gadget capable of performing everything, as and when required. This would make our work easier, reliable and accurate. With a click of a button, it would do our homework, another click, it would clean our room, and another click and it would clean all the mess that we have made.

— Ashmita Bhandari

If I were to make a futuristic gadget, it definitely would be something with which you could know what the other person is thinking. Life would be so simple if only we could know what others are thinking. I would call it a ‘Thought Detector’. With its use, I think everybody’s life would change, for the good. At least people will know who is to be trusted and who is not, who is good and who is not, and so on. I think it will be of great advantage to all of us.

— Sadikshya Adhikari

A number of devices have been introduced for the benefit of human beings and many more are still being made. But I have never heard about a device that could avert death. 

I am very much concerned about the rising incidents of road accidents that take hundreds of lives every year leaving thousands injured. Thus, if I were able to develop a device I would develop one that could give each and every passenger prior information of probable accidents before they board a bus, car or any other means of transportation. I would name this device ‘Death Averter’.

— Ambika Pandey,


If I were given a chance to make a futuristic gadget of my choice, I would build a gadget that could extract information and knowledge from books and transfer it into our brains. I would develop this gadget so that it would be easy for students to learn for their examination as they would not have problems reading those never-ending chapters and mugging up tiring long points. It would indeed prove to be very

useful to students, since they would not have to worry about examinations. The use of this gadget would help them pass their exams in flying colours. It would also contribute to increasing the literacy rate of our nation.

— Sadichchha Pokharel

This modern era has developed a great confusion in my mind — do others need me or am I unnecessary? I have many friends and relatives, but I always think whether they really need me or are they just pretending. I would love to build a gadget with which I could be able to die for a while and be alive again. I just want to see for how many people I really matter because they say the importance of a person is only realised after his/her death. It will be a gadget that will disclose what’s in people’s hearts. If I could make the gadget, I would be able to find out how many will shed false tears and how many will cry their heart out.

— Ranjan Adhikari, Hadigaun

If I get a chance to make a new gadget of my own, I would like to make a gadget which will be known as Nepal Places (NP). As we know, while travelling, many new people don’t know which place s/he is in and often get lost. This gadget would help solve this problem by displaying the place within our vehicle similar to the function in our mobiles.

This project is not so difficult and will be easy to work upon. As an Electronic Engineering student I will bring this product out very soon, not only in local markets but in the international market too.

— Abhinay Jayaswal

If I were given a chance to innovate a futuristic gadget, I would build a

Hi-tech Satellite phone.

It will become an easy

way to communicate

internationally without any hassles. There would be no network problems and it would incorporate Hi- technology in connection with Hi-speed

data transfer (photos, data, music more...). With its simple and Hi-end technology it will cover all places and enable everyone to interact through the digital world. 

— Narayan Maharjan