Careless in Red

Thomas Lynley, formerly acting superintendent of New Scotland Yard, returns to his Cornish roots to grieve for his wife Helen and finds a body. Resolutely tramping the seaside cliffs of Cornwall to come to terms with the murder of his pregnant wife, Lynley spies a fallen rock-climber and heads for the nearest cottage to call in his discovery. The cottage belongs to veterinarian Daidre Trahair, who claims not to recognise the victim. She’s lying, but Lynley doesn’t relay this information to DI Bea Hannaford. Instead he calls his former partner, Barbara Havers, and asks her to check out Trahair’s background. Havers heads for Cornwall, where there’s no shortage of suspects as to who cut Santo Kerne’s climbing gear. All have a secret worth lying to protect.

Angel of Grozny

Asne Seierstad began her writing career as a Moscow correspondent; the conflict in Chechnya was the first war she covered. Now 10 years later, she returns to Chechnya and discovers that though the world’s attention has moved on, the tragedy has continued, killing 10 to 15 per cent of the population and leaving a brutalised society — with a particular toll on its children — in its wake. Combining the violent history of the Caucasus and the battle between freedom fighters and the empire, with the story of the journeys Seierstad undertook in secrecy and disguise over the last two years, this will be another landmark book from this brave and brilliant writer.

One Fifth Avenue

One Fifth Avenue, the Art Deco beauty towering over Manhattan’s hippest neighbourhood, is a one-of-a-kind address, the sort of building you have to earn your way into one way or another. For the women in Candace Bushnell’s stellar new novel, One Fifth Avenue is at the heart of the lives they’ve carefully established, or hope to establish. There is Schiffer Diamond, a 40-something actress busily proving that women of style are truly ageless. There is spoiled, self-assured Lola, who is determined to launch herself into society and the arms of the right man by clawing a way into the building. Annalisa is the wife of a hedge fund manager and reluctant socialite, while bitter Mindy is married to an under-published writer and has been the family breadwinner for too long. And there is Enid, the glamorous grande dame and gossip columnist, who has lived at One Fifth Avenue for decades, and sees everything there is to see from her penthouse view...

The Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne Identity: He has no past. And he may have no future. And no one can help this man who is called Jason Bourne but the woman who once wanted to escape him.

The Bourne Supremacy: In a Kowloon Cabaret, scrawled in a pool of blood, is a name the world wanted to forget: Jason Bourne. The Chinese vice-premier has been slain. World leaders ask the same fearful questions: Why has Jason Bourne come back? Who is next? But US officials know the truth: there is no Jason Bourne.

The Bourne Ultimatum: Two men, each mysteriously summoned by telegram, witness a bizarre killing. The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne. Only they know Bourne’s true identity and understand the telegram is really a message from Bourne’s mortal enemy, Carlos, the world’s deadliest and most elusive terrorist.

The Harry Bosch Novels

A Darkness More Than Night: Lead investigator on a murder case that saw the arrest of the son of a powerful man, Harry Bosch finds himself in the midst of a trial where his every method is questioned. Criminal profiler Terry McCaleb is called to a murder scene that seems to implicate Bosch.

City of Bones: When the bones of a young boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Bosch is drawn into a case that recalls the darkest memories from his own haunted past.

Lost Light: When he left the LAPD, Bosch took a file with him — the case of a film production assistant murdered four years earlier during a $2 million robbery on a movie set. When it seems the killer will be set free to aid the feds’ terrorist hunt, Bosch finds himself in conflict with his old colleagues and the FBI.