What you could get her

If you think life is not testing you enough, try shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend (or wife). In case you forgot (shame on you), it is a day away. Hunting for the right Valentine’s Day gift is probably the most trying shopping experience in any man’s life. And don’t kid yourself for a moment that it is just like buying a birthday gift. Nope! The stakes here are much higher. Whether you realise it or not, your gift will speak of affection, thoughtfulness and commitment.

Frugal, yet thoughtful

A romantic evening dinner needn’t necessarily mean a fancy restaurant and a hefty bill. Try setting up the terrace of your building with a couple of mattresses, a low set table, some Kenny G on the side with scented candles. The brilliance here is that you are surprising her with the ambience and the privacy, so the focus is off the expensive food.

Order in some food or try cooking up a dish by yourself.

If you both are not into food, try wine with a snack. One of the most convenient and romantic options is cheese, cherry and pineapple cubes skewered on toothpicks. Try arranging the toothpicks on the surface of a half cut cabbage globe.

Movie buffs?

Then pick up some of her favourite movies and cuddle up to a movie marathon right in your living room. Keep popcorn, chips and aerated drinks ready.

Personalised CD

Burn a CD of her favourite love songs or poems and customise a cover with a picture of the two of you. Efficient, romantic and economical!

Photo frame

All you need is a good quality frame. Choose one that goes with her personality, not necessarily a mushy one. Rummage through your drawer or old photo albums for a photo of the both of you and voila! Preferably, choose a moment-defining snap such as one taken on her birthday, earlier anniversary or simply the oldest one you possess.

Personalised art

Gift her a painting (if you do it yourself, great) or a sketch or some scribbled conversation you had shared earlier in a pretty frame.


This scores high on the novelty front and is especially synonymous with recent yet serious relationships. You can also try gifting small plants et cetera, though for obvious reasons, avoid gifting cacti!

Candle stand

It’s not as inane as it sounds. Women are quite fond of candles, and there are some very innovative designs available at most gift stores. The more interesting ones are crafted of pewter or wrought iron. If you do gift her one, it would be a good idea to add scented candles as well.


These are never passé. A well arranged bouquet of flowers with a note always works. She might have certain floral preferences, so try keeping them in mind. Tulips, lilies, carnations are among the more popular ones. Of course, there is the rose. Well, actually there are many roses and they have many meanings:

Red: Love, respect

White: Innocence, reverence, purity

Red and White: Unity

Pink: Grace, gentility

Yellow: Joy

Orange: Desire

Rose buds: Beauty, youth

Two red roses joined together: Engagement or marriage (use carefully)!


This one never fails. It spells out sensuality. Prefer the home made variety to the usual packaged ones. The new variants are the custom made chocolate-coated fruits. Among the popular foreign chocolates are Lindt-Lindor, Cappuchino or Godiva dark chocolates.


Does she have a particular scent that reminds you of just her? Time to track down what that perfume is. Consult a friend of hers on the choice of perfume. Alternately, stick to the more conventional brands.


Every wom-an loves the feeling of lifting her hair as her man ties her a necklace from behind. It may be a tad expensive but nothing turns on the charm quite as much as this one. Go in for a simple pendant on a silver chain for a more elegant look.