When Beatty charm didn’t work

NEW YORK: Actor Warren Beatty is known to be a charmer but Katherine Hepburn wasn’t.

According to page-six.com, Hepburn supposedly gave it to him good on one occasion. These claims were made by Eileen Considine-Meara in her book At Home with Kate. Meara helped her mother cook and clean for Hepburn. She recalls when Beatty tried to amuse Hepburn while filming Love Affair in 1994. Beatty said: “So Kate, since we’re waiting here for a while, would you like to hear about my love life?” But Hepburn merely lowered the script she was reading and replied, “Really, Warren — who cares?”

In another instance, Hepburn told Beatty to pick her up at 9:30 and when he came on time, he still got a scolding and Hepburn said, “It’s about time, Warren, you’re late!” When Beatty tried to explain that he was on time she said, “Young man — if you want to be an actor and stay long in this business, remember to make sure you’re ahead of those you want to impress.”