When nature strikes back

The thought of it zoomed and purred in my mind like a flashing piece of news.”

The puddles of deep water seemed like a giant, overthrowing any house or person in its way. The whip-slashed sky looked as if it was washed clean after a long time with the soaring rain. Huge numbers of people had become homeless and were aided. The cry of lost family members filled the air with the screech of ambulance horns and many helicopters from different organisations. The sight was terrible like a gigantic muddy tank had just exploded. The cry of mothers calling for their children, and wives for their husbands could be heard. For the victims it was as if they had fallen into a dark pit with no one to take them out.

When the mighty disaster had finally stopped, it turned out that many diseases had taken over and made everyone unwell. It seemed like the hole seemed to get deeper and deeper. Prayers and wishes filled the traumatic air, which shook the silence. It was indeed the lord of calamity who was none other than the mighty ‘flood’.