Where there is a will there is a way

As Business Editor of ‘The Guiding Light’ it is my duty to inform our readers of ways in which they can have a thriving business of their own. I met a boy named Shayam he used to study in class 5 at Minar English Boarding School. Shyam was from a very poor family but he was very enterprising so he decided to do business, first he thought how he could start one as he had no money plus he had no idea what kind of business he could start and what type of business would that be but after much thinking the next day he went to the local grocer and requested that he be given 1kg of sugar and 70 lemons on account and promised to bring back the money plus extra profit for the store keeper at the end of the week in exchange for loaning him the items on credit.

That night Shyam cut and squeezed all the lemons and added sugar and water to them then mixed it all together in a large container and the next day he set up a lemonade stand under a shady tree, the passers by noticed it and as it was a hot day they came over for a drink, he sold it for Rs 8 per cup and managed to sell 70 cups approximately, he earned a total of Rs. 560. He then went to the grocer and paid him Rs 45 for the sugar, and Rs140 for the lemons, and Rs 40 for his profit for the loan and he had with him Rs335. He bought more lemons and more sugar and was able to save Rs.150 the next month, his profit saving was followed by Rs 560 then Rs 710 so this way Shayam continued do his “business” and in a year’s time he was able to earn Rs 68, 880

Shyam now has money in the bank. Shyam is now a well-known businessman in Kathmandu. It was after 18 that he stopped selling lemonade as he has set up a factory of his own and Shyam’s advice to our readers is: “where there is a will, there is a way.” — Sushant Shrestha, Minar English Boarding School