Who’ll be the first tara?


Dharmendra Sewan, the rocker from Pokhara, and Deepak Limbu, classical singer from Dharan, are the top two contestants for the coveted title of Samsung Nepali Tara. Both sang Narayan Gopal’s melody Malai maaf garideu in their own distinct styles. Judge Bimala Rai said, “Had Gopal Yonjan lived to see them sing, it would have been his happiest day.” The other songs Deepak performed were Phatte Man’s Marna Baru garho hunna and Sang sangai banchna paun. Dharmendra proved his versatility with Mayako dorile and Nima Rumba’s Priti basyo.

Guest judge Om Bikram Bista praised Dharmendra’s vocal range. The judges were impressed with Deepak’s renditions, however, Rai and Bista pointed out minor flaws with his notes in Narayan Gopal’s track. The audience can vote for their star for another two weeks. The first Nep-ali Tara will be declared on October 1. Another attraction is that the Nepali Tara along with the finalists will be performing with Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant on October 2 at BICC, and on October 3 at Hyatt Regency.