Will there be a Friends reunion

Associated Press

New York:

When the six stars of the exiting ‘Friends’ sitcom were asked by Entertainment Weekly magazine — months before the series has even ended — whether they would be interested in a reunion, the answers split by sex.

Courteney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were thumbs-down on the idea.

“I think that would cheapen it,” Aniston told the magazine. “Do you remember the ‘Brady Bunch’ reunion show? You remember the ‘Happy Days’ reunion show? Were they ever good? Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.”

The three men were at least more open, although Matthew Perry suggested, “Talk to me in 20 years. If I’m on really hard times, maybe I’ll be pitching one.” Matt LeBlanc, who’s continuing with his character of Joey on a new show, said he would — if everyone else did. “I hate the idea of the reunion show,” said David Schwimmer, “but if it meant I get to revisit the relationships and work with those writers and actors again, then that would be a good thing.” The last episode of ‘Friends’ is scheduled to air in the US on May 6.