Winehouse keeps goddaughter disciplined

LONDON: Amy Winehouse is determined not to let her teenage goddaughter follow in her wild ways - she is keeping the youngster away from temptation as she embarks on her own singing career.

Winehouse has endured a long struggle with drink and drugs since she shot to fame, with her addictions threatening to wreck her success.

She eventually kicked her dependence on illegal substances after several stints in rehab and an extended holiday in the Caribbean.

The Back To Black hitmaker is currently mentoring 13-year-old Dionne Bromfield as she releases her first album, and she is adamant the teen won't make the same mistakes.

Bromfield says, "Amy wouldn't let me have a glass of champagne the other day. She likes to keep me well disciplined. She's like an older sister who will yell at me if I'm getting out of control."