Woman’s world


Women since long have been kind of compelled to use a gendered language, the language constructed by the ideologies of ‘men’. They have not been able to see through their real self, as what they know themselves to be, is actually a construct of their opposite sex.

In her solo exhibition ‘Mirror of Women’, Erina Tamrakar attempts to urge her fellow women to understand their real self through their inner eyes, looking at what she calls the ‘mirror of awareness’ within all of them. She specifically targets rural women.

Gopal Bagley, Counsellor at Indian Embassy, inaugurated the exhibition comprising a total of 20 paintings at The Art Shop, Durbarmarg on July 16.

Tamrakar has mostly used acrylic on canvass for her paintings, which are mostly figurative and semi-abstract. In one of her paintings, she has tried to identify the female with leaves — a young woman stands entwined with leaves on a tree, blue-coloured, bare and in an air of divinity.

Explains Tamrakar, “Flowers and leaves grow together, but only flowers are valued. However, leaves are equally important. Women in villages do everything, yet are neglected. They need to come out of their home, understanding their self within, and their potential to do many more things.”

In another painting, a traditional girl is seen playing a percussion instrument, perhaps producing a music that’s distinctly of women.

The exhibition is on till July 29.