Women achievers awarded


On the very first day of Dashain, which is celebrated by worshipping the nine forms of Durga, nine women achievers of Nepal and two men were honoured at the ‘Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards’ on October 12 at Hotel Radisson organised by Creative Statements.

The event started with a performance by Kutumba and Cheli Samuha. They presented a special composition An ode to the Navadevi composed for this event.

The programme started its felicitations with a special award for Nirmala Gyawali, who is visually impaired but has been able to receive the Fulbright Scholarship. The special certificate in Braille includes a poem dedicated to Gyawali by Viplob Pratik.

The event was not only an evening to cherish for the recipients but was a memorable event as they all had come together to acknowledge the power and achievement of women who have been working for the betterment of society in their own way.

The whole hall was engulfed in a spirit of jubilation when one of the winners of Shakti award Mathura Kunwar from Accham said, “Malai yasto lagi rak-hya cha ki ma Chandrama chui rakhya chu (It feels like I am on the moon).”

This year two men working for women empowerment were also awarded. Creative Statements’ Shrijana Singh Yonjan said, “We hope other men will follow in their footsteps.”

Danish Ambassador Finn Thilsted was present as guest of honour.