Would you believe them?


What the future will unfold no one knows, but everyone is eager to find out what tomorrow holds. Knowing about one’s future through different mediums is probably the most intriguing study. Human beings at one point of their life want to know about their life and what it holds for them. There is astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot and many other ways that people try to know their future. Among these, palmistry is perhaps the most popular divination.

Palmistry is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years. The prehistoric caves in France and Spain display hand drawings of palms with the major lines portrayed in detail. The basic framework for palmistry is rooted in Greek mythology. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god/goddess, and the features of that area indicate the nature of the correspon-ding aspect of the subject.

If you walk past Ratna Park or visit any religious place, you can see groups of people gathered around an old man or woman reading someone’s future. You can pay a small amount and a total stranger will gaze at your hand and tell you what your life is going to be a few months, years or decades down the line.

Palmist 1

Gazing at this reporter’s hand, he said my bad days are over and I will be able to overcome all obstacles without working too hard. Till the age of 20, I was having problems as things never worked out the way I planned, but now my stars are strong and all the problems will be over with less input. I will get married at the age of 26 and my spouse might have an extra marital affair. So I got to be more careful about it. I will complete my bachelors (which I already have) and he assured me I would complete my Masters. I will go abroad for higher studies and earn enough to make a fine living. As I have two coloured nails (light half moons on the base), it is very lucky. I am very emotional and sentimental. My nails are strong, so I won’t have health problems. My lifeline is distinct, long and deep thus I will live a long life and get to see even my great-grandchildren.

Palmist 2

He said my bad days have started, and after the age of 20 all my good days are over. I will never complete whatever I do and problems will arise from everywhere, and that will continue till the age of 35. I might not complete my Bachelors (but I have) as my education line is very vague. I will get married and it will be blissful with three daughters. I have health problems of head, lungs and stomach and need to do some puja to get rid of it. I will go abroad and lead an easy life. Life will be long and will get to see my great-grandchildren. I will have many health problems later on in life. I don’t think much before taking any decision and never complete the work I start, but that’s not my fault; it’s all my stars fault. He warned me to be careful in monetary aspect as I am a binge spender.

They agreed and disagreed on many topics, but the hand shown to the both of them was the same.

A self-taught palmist, Kedar Sharma Subedi is basically a mathematician, who was eager to know about this. He feels that though palmistry does not give the exact answers like astrology, it can be depended upon to some extent.

“It’s not only the lines that should be read. There are different mounts in the hands that define one’s character. The colour of the palm is also equally important. Lines are formed due to the flow of energy, and fluctuate along with emotional experiences,” he said.

As these lines change with each experience and thought, each and every individual has their own set of unique lines.

It is believed that lines in your hands never lie as they are the blue prints of all the experiences you have in life. New lines are created occasionally but once created they usually don’t disappear.

Subedi said, “The past and future can be studied through the lines, but it all depends on what the person plans rather than the stars. Many of my clients ask me about their parents, children and loved one’s future based on their lines, which is impossible. The lines only tell about you and your life. Information of one’s character is the main information that the lines give.”

As many believe that one should not show their

hands to strangers as it is believed people can take your luck away. Subedi rubbishes this belief.

“The lines will give you the traits — both negative and positive of the person. They can be psychologically affected by their negative traits, and even act accordingly. As a result they might have problems. Hence, people assume that they have been robbed of their luck.”

Let the hand speak:

• Mounts: These refer to the fleshy lumps on your hand. The mount between your thumb and wrist is based on Venus and indicates your interest in beauty, materialistic need and love. The mount below the pinky and wrist indicates high imagination, attraction to the opposite sex and a high libido.

• Nails: People with small nails are talkative and those with square, large nails have back problems. Duel coloured nails (half moon) is good as they indicate high energy, but later in life if the dual colour remains, the person might suffer from high blood pressure.

• Fingers: Distance between the thumb and index finger indicates a person’s nature. If the thumb is stiff, then the person is headstrong, if it is flexible (bends downwards), the person listens to others easily.

If the index finger is shorter than the ring finger, it indicates rash decision-making. If it is longer, then the person tends to be bossy. If they are equal in height, then the person tends to be a risk taker, good in business and gambling.

• Moles: Moles on left palm for girls and right palm for boys indicate financial gain. Moles on the base of the palm near the wrist indicate separation from loved one.